DANI MARCEL is an artist based in London (...)
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He creates evocative objects and proposals with undetermined endings in the form of an autobiographical conceptualism.

Often playfully simple and navigating between ephemerality and laborious production, his practice can also be read as an ongoing exploration of impermanence and value.
In 2021, he paywalled his application to the Rijksakademie, asking for the same amount as the application fee ('The Chicken, the Egg and Stoelendans', 2021).
In ' Eat-in a yoghurt every day (and that's enough), 2022' he ate a yoghurt every day for a hundred days.

A hyperreal sculpture of the artist sleeping with a carrot dangling in front of him titled ' the foodie ', 2023.
For 'Gallery poll ', 2022 he carried around small voting cards and asks people which gallery they think he should be represented by.

The resulting cards were framed in different sizes corresponding to a power-list of the galleries.
A series of 102x102 cm paintings, with single coloured images on each, showing a star and the words: even, the, to align, for, a, great, to, be, born.
A green painting realistically mimicking a signboard in the Universal Credit office in Hoxton, advertising the SWAP work placement scheme.
A series of interventions in which he inserts his name into group shows to explore the idea of career advancement with no additional work. He calls the series 'Listed Appearances'
His work has been exhibited in project spaces and shows in Grove Gallery, London, Kupfer Gallery, London, Sadie Coles HQ, London, South London Gallery, London, Serving the People, NYC, O'Flaherty's NYC and Fold Gallery, London
To arrange a studio visit or host a listed appearance write to studio@danimarcel.com